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Extreme Route - Vital Information

Important information -  what you need to know before going underground and what you should take with you.

Before You Decide to Participate in the Extreme Route

Important information -  what you need to know before going underground and what you should take with you.

  • Our extreme route is a demanding route. Good physical fitness and slim body build are necessary. 
  • The following are included in the entrance fee: speleological coveralls, helmet, lighting, and protective gloves with rubber coating. If you tend to have cold hands, please also provide yourself with thicker gloves.

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Temperature and Humidity

In the lower level of the cave there is a constant air temperature of about 5,5oC and humidity of about 100%.

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Touring the Extreme Route lasts approx. 3 hours, including preparation.

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Age Restrictions

The Extreme Route in the Bear Cave is intended only for adults or parent-assisted teenagers over 16 years old.

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Physical Fitness

Participants are required to have good physical fitness and no health complications, such as heart disease or claustrophobia. This issue needs to be explained.  We do not require persons to have any experience in competitive sports events, but we strongly advise practicing some physical activities before entering the cave.

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Is the Extreme Route for Me?

The route is for slender persons who are not too tall.

We do not recommend entering the Extreme Route for plus-sized people with larger bodies. The perimeter of participants' chest or the widest spot of the body can be no greater than approx. 110 cm*.

*Though it is difficult to determine the maximum allowable height, note that we do not have coveralls for people taller than 185 cm.

We kindly assert that persons with a larger mid-section may have serious problems not only with the fitting of required clothing and equipment, but also with passing through the entire cave route.


We recommend that you first perform a test at home to simulate the tight spacing inside the cave. You will need a second person to help:

- Choose a door and open it so that the distance between the frame and door is 25 cm.

- Ask the other person to block the door from opening further (e.g. with a shoe).

- Check if you can squeeze in between the frame and the door.


How to Dress under Coveralls?


Sweatshirt, tracksuit jacket, polar jacket 200 mg or thicker,  thermoactive jacket (it is strongly advisable to ave these clothes well-fitted to the figure, as loose clothing fits poorly under the coveralls).


Please ensure that you are wearing at least one of the following: leggings, underpants, thermoactive underwear (also fitted).

 - For footwear, we recommend high-top rubber-soled shoes. We recommend bringing another pair of shoes in case a change is needed.

 - For hair protection, we recommend a light cap, or balaclava.

 - You may take photos at will. We allow small compact cameras or smartphones (at your own risk), but not a reflex camera.

 - Please remember to have proper footwear and they need not be rubber boots—footwear may be any type of rubber-soled shoe, even sneakers.

However, remember that you will need to clean them after leaving the cave.

- It is worth having an extra set of dry clothing with you, such as socks.

- There is a special, separated room at your disposal, where you can peacefully prepare for going underground and store belongings while you are in the cave.

The Bear Cave in Kletno belongs to the municipal partnership of The Stronie Śląskie Park of Activity, the main seat of which is located in the town of Stronie Śląskie, 20A Kościuszki Street, Poland.